We don't just need to elect more Democrats

we need to electbetter Democrats.

It's time for Democrats to be smarter, to fight harder, and to win on our own terms.

At New Deal Strategies, we only work for campaigns, causes, and leaders we truly believe in. We don’t take corporate clients, and we only work for Democratic candidates.
We’re proud to be women-owned, with a team that is bilingual and majority women. We’re working to uplift women, people of color, the working class, and the LGBTQ+ community.

Our Work

We’re a full-service political consulting firm specializing in communications and messaging, electoral and issue-based campaign strategy, and much more. We know how to fight for the issues that matter most – and more importantly, we know how to win.
Gustavo Rivera New York State Senate, District 33
Jamaal Bowman U.S. Congress, NY-16
SEIU Labor Union
Sandy Nurse New York City Council, District 37
Deb Haaland Secretary of the Interior