Rebecca Katz stands in front of a window with the New York City skyline in the background.

Rebecca Katz

Founding Partner

For two decades, Rebecca Kirszner Katz has helped candidates, campaigns, causes and personalities shape the narrative and tell their story. Katz has worked in every level of government – from the local to the federal. She has expertise in communications planning and strategy, rapid response, media relations, and message development.

Katz was the architect behind John Fetterman’s win in Pennsylvania, creating the strategy, the team, and the groundbreaking creative communications operation that flipped the only Senate seat in 2022. Fetterman’s top advisor since 2015 and the campaign’s chief strategist, Katz was pivotal in every key decision the campaign made, successfully navigating several crises en route to a stunning 5-point victory.  

Katz is a rare communications specialist who has experience successfully navigating both the daily grind of big city news-cycles and long-form journalism. She has a knack for helping clients mix both the serious and the soft in order to shape public image, develop narratives that drive a positive message, and preempt unflattering stories.

Katz has worked in nearly every political setting imaginable, beginning in the House of Representatives, then on presidential campaigns, and later running Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid’s war room, which helped position Democrats to win back the Senate.

Rebecca Kirszner Katz with her former boss, Senate Leader Harry Reid.

In 2019, Katz founded New Deal Strategies, taking a gamble that a consulting firm could survive without taking any corporate clients. It’s paid off – and with clients like Congressman Jamaal Bowman, Congressman and senate candidate Ruben Gallego, and U.S. Senator John Fetterman, Katz has established herself as a go-to communications strategist. 

Katz has a BA from Clark University and a Master’s in Government Administration from the University of Pennsylvania’s Fels Institute of Government, where she has also taught graduate courses on congressional politics.

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