Rebecca Kirszner Katz, Founder

For two decades, Rebecca Kirszner Katz has helped candidates, personalities, campaigns, and causes shape the narrative and tell their story. Katz has worked in all levels of government – from the local to the federal — on political campaigns, and issue-advocacy efforts on behalf of non-profit groups. She has expertise in communications planning and strategy, rapid response, media relations, and message development.

Katz is a rare communications specialist who has experience successfully navigating both the daily grind of big city news-cycles and long-form journalism. She has a knack for helping clients mix both the serious and the soft in order to shape public image, develop narratives that drive a positive message, and preempt unflattering stories.

Katz has worked in nearly every political setting imaginable, beginning in the House of Representatives, then on presidential campaigns, and then running Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid's war room, which helped position Democrats to win back the Senate.

In 2013, Katz worked as a top advisor to an upstart campaign for Mayor of New York City that would upset the political establishment. While other candidates in the race stuck to issues that were considered safe, Bill de Blasio's campaign ran on an aggressively progressive platform, focusing on inequality and an unjust racial justice system. When de Blasio won – because of his progressive stances, not despite them – it was a national proof point that you can win without compromising your ideals. And this was not unique to New York City.

In 2016, Katz worked with a small-town mayor named John Fetterman who launched a long-shot bid for the U.S. Senate. The campaign bucked the traditional strategy in Pennsylvania and ran on Fetterman's progressive record, rather than running away from it. The Democratic establishment had different ideas, spending heavily on behalf of their chosen candidate, a moderate who wouldn't excite voters but could collect big checks. Despite being outspent more than 15 to 1, Fetterman earned 20% of the vote in a 4-way race, and two years later was elected Lieutenant Governor in a landslide — winning solidly against the entrenched Democratic incumbent in the primary and beating the Republican nominee in the general by a million more votes than the ticket garnered four years earlier. Fetterman's campaign resonated throughout Pennsylvania, showing that the way to win a purple state isn't by running as a watered-down moderate, but rather by being an authentic, progressive populist.

More recently, Katz served as a top strategist for Cynthia Nixon's insurgent run for governor, a campaign that moved the entire state to the left and supported a slate of young progressives that would topple centrist incumbent legislators. In the end, the unabashedly progressive campaign accomplished more by losing an election than most Democrats do when they win.

Katz has also worked with many advocacy groups, advising Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards, managing her media profile and working with the organization to successfully fight back against an unprecedented assault on women's health during Trump's presidency.

Katz has a BA from Clark University and a Master's in Government Administration from the University of Pennsylvania's Fels Institute of Government, where she has also taught graduate courses on congressional politics.

Kipp Hebert, Principal

A former Principal at Hilltop Public Solutions, Kipp Hebert has a talent for crafting the kind of sound bites and powerful phrases that are not only memorable, but sharable.

Hebert works closely with clients to help them articulate what they believe, not what they believe people want to hear, and to communicate frankly and directly about the issues with an authentic progressive voice.

Kipp has worked on a range of local and statewide campaigns, writing speeches, crafting jokes, and producing viral videos that cut through the noise. A zero-budget in-house video he wrote and directed calling for the legalization of marijuana ended up being viewed over 4 million times online and covered by TV stations around the country, with journalist and civil rights activist Shaun King calling it "the best video on the legalization of marijuana I've ever seen from someone running for political office."

Kipp previously worked at Three Point Media for the 2012 and 2014 election cycles, producing TV, radio, and digital ads for candidates and independent expenditures in 30 states. At Gumbinner & Davies Communications, Kipp developed and managed direct mail campaigns in 10 districts for the Iowa House Democratic Caucus, including the only Democratic pickup in the state in 2010.

Kipp was also a key member of the communications team for Joe Sestak's upset Senate primary victory in Pennsylvania, where his research was the basis for a devastating TV spot that the Economist called "the ad that sank Mr. Specter's campaign."

In his spare time, Kipp dabbles as a comedy writer, a skill he's put to use helping our clients kill at galas and major dinner events, and prepare for appearances on the Daily Show, the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and Late Night with Seth Meyers.

Kipp graduated from Georgetown University and lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Maia Ervin, Communications Associate

Maia Ervin currently serves as a Communications Associate at New Deal, where she helps develop and execute communications strategies. Ervin has experience overseeing internal PR and marketing initiatives, assisting with pitching press opportunities, and elevating press opportunities on social media. Maia graduated from Washington & Jefferson College with a BA in Communication Arts and Psychology.